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Current Issues Police on Patrol Might Face

Those currently in the police force have noticed an uptick in public attention to the point where many feel pressure to perform. Because of this, issues that law enforcement might face while on patrol often come up in conversation. Luckily, there are some steps law enforcement on patrol can take to help rebuild the relationship with the public.

Read on to learn more about issues you, as a law enforcement officer, might face while on patrol and how you can deal with them both quickly and effectively.

Recruitment and Retention

There has been a noticeable decrease in recruitment to law enforcement positions and more resignations due to the stressors of such a job, especially now that law enforcement has come under heavy scrutiny. Because of this, law enforcement officers are feeling much more fatigued than they normally would.

The Covid-19 pandemic also contributed to a lot of stress that cannot be ignored. Those in the law enforcement system have been looking more into what they can do to support their officers while they are out on patrol and help ensure their needs are met. This could potentially lessen fatigue and rebuild retention numbers to what they once were.

Community Accountability

Law enforcement has noticed an increase in concern from the citizens they watch over their performance in general. Luckily, there is a very easy way to help not only heal the mistrust that has grown between the two groups but also bring peace of mind and lower any anxiety levels that current law enforcement officers might feel: holding themselves accountable. Be proud of the actions and decisions that you make while on duty; you went through all of the training necessary to perform such a community-facing job, and it’s an extremely important one.

Aligning the values of both law enforcement and the community they serve can help create an open line of communication and trust so that officers can perform their duties to the best of their ability. Keeping yourself visible while on duty can also help the public see you, which can help reduce worry while also raising awareness of where you are and who you’re there to protect and monitor.

Crime Prevention Tactics

Using the data provided from previous crime statistics and reports can help law enforcement officers prevent crime from happening. Merely being present in high-risk areas can be a good crime deterrent. Additionally, this can also let those who need help know where to go for it. Let both data and technology help you perform your job more efficiently so that you can save much of your time and effort and apply them to help keep crime rates lower.

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